Bi-folding Doors v Sliding Doors – which is best for me?

Everyone these days needs more time to unplug & unwind. Having sliding or bi-fold doors allows you the space at home, to do exactly that. Both will help you feel closer to nature and outdoors.

Whichever you go for, all our aluminium glazing products have exceptional features that we know you’ll love:

  • A Modern aesthetic
  • Toughened glass technology, permitting heat in winter and cool in the summer. The energy saving costs you’ll see, will undoubtedly help offset the cost of the doors themselves, over the years to come.
  • Aluminium is a sustainable material and so low maintenance. It really only needs an occasional wipe and an oil at the hinges.
  • A 20 year guarantee

As we are the Cheshire specialists (in both supply & installation), of luxury aluminium bi-folding and sliding doors, we honestly care that you get exactly the right solution for your property.

Whichever product you opt for, we know they’ll look & work brilliantly. But we’re perfectionists and want your experience & lasting impact of our product to be nothing short of spectacular.

We’ve written a few thought provoking questions that should help you get closer to realising the most spectacular product for you.

Have you always dreamed of achieving seamless integration of your indoor & outdoor area?

Bi-fold doors promote such a sense of open-ess, they’ve long been associated with aspirational homes & an outdoor lifestyle vibe.

The emphasis is 100% on making your garden as utilised as any other room in your home. An outdoor lounge in essence.

Bi-folds are available in a mix of configurations from one to five doors.

Given the nature of the way they fold, you ideally need ample space, to allow them the room to fold into. Whether they fold inwards or outwards, you should ensure there aren’t many other obstructions in your doorway internally or externally to halt that all- important ‘flow’.

Short on space?

If you are a little short on space, then sliding doors will provide you with the most functional yet sleek solution. Perfect coming off a bedroom with a balcony. Or a gorgeous Victorian terrace with bijou patio. They look & feel elegant.


If you have or planning to have multiple glass doors, say 3-5, and you have a glass roof on an accompanying extension: you need to consider the temperature inside when the sun is out.

Our clients with this type of floorplan tell us when the temperature reaches 19 degrees indoors, they fling their bi-folds open for that glorious blast of garden & fresh air inside the home. In this scenario, unless you love feeling toasty indoors, bi-folds are absolutely the way to go.

All about the view?

If you are all about your view, into your garden and beyond, then sliding doors could be the purchase for you.

With the most minimal of sight lines & maximum glass, they really do allow complete sight of the whole undiluted vista. Imagine gazing from your dining table, sofa or bed at your own panoramic?

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