Haus Infinium Sliding Doors

Haus Glass are delighted to bring you the new Haus Infinium Sliding Doors. We are one of the first suppliers to have this inspirational product and are thrilled to be able to share the beneficial features with our customers.

We will officially be launching the new Haus Infinium Sliding Doors at Build It Live Manchester on the 18-19th February 2018. But in the meantime, we are happy to advise and offer more information of how this new product could fit your project now. Simply contact us to find out more.



Beautifully considered

Infinium brings together indoor and outdoor living spaces in exquisite harmony. Free-flowing spaces are created thanks to stunningly slim sightlines that bathe every surface with natural light. Uninterrupted panoramic landscapes provide complete escapism, without need of escape. While seamlessly integrated floor-to-ceiling glazing reflects the clarity of thought behind every inspired design decision.

Exceptional design, without exception

Fully concealed aluminium outer frame and sash. Flush thresholds. Elegantly simple operation. Infinium’s considered design impresses from every angle. However, its most remarkable design feature barely catches the eye. The impossibly thin 21mm sightlines create the illusion of large endless spaces. The effect is charming, yet practical. Minimalist, yet undeniably magical.

Haus Infinium Sliding Door

Haus Infinium Sliding Door

Hidden Beauty

Great architecture isn’t simply built on aesthetic appeal. It’s judged equally on the way it makes you feel. The way it protects, calms and reacts to your mood. Infinium was designed with comfort firmly in mind. For example, double thermal breaks improve insulation and bring added warmth into the home. While also keeping unwanted noises out.

Inspired Decision Making

Freedom. That most sought-after design feature. It’s what turns a property into a passion project. Where every decision brings you ever closer to your dream home. Infinium offers choice in abundance. Double and triple track options are available. Up to six sashes are achievable. While a floating 90º corner post effortlessly ties every living space.

Haus Infinium Sliding Door

Haus Infinium Sliding Door

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