SUNFLEX UK aluminium sliding doors offer a dynamic look to any property, maximising the light entering your room whilst releasing the potential of your view. We now offer the SVG30 with an incredibly slim intermediate sightlines of just 30mm.

The advanced technology of the SVG30 means that unlike other slim-framed sliding doors there is no requirement for large reinforcing profile sections that can extend up to 150mm from the face of the frame – significantly reducing the sightline of the system when viewed from an angle.


Our advanced and highly engineered aluminium sliding doors offer the perfect solution for larger openings in extensions, renovations or new-builds, maximising the amount of glass and breaking down the boundaries between inside and out.

The very popular SVG30 benefit from the superior performance, advanced design and exacting manufacturing standards that you would expect from SUNFLEX UK. Our sliding doors offer the ultimate in configuration options, from a single panel sliding on an extended track all the way up to an opening as wide as 24 metres with eight sliding panels - almost anything is possible. 

Sliding doors ideally lend themselves to the larger apertures where you can have much larger glazed panels and the frame of the panels overlaps which means the sightlines are smaller than that of bifold doors. This ensures your doors look good open or closed which is ideal for a changeable climate like ours.

Sliding doors create that seamless flush floor look but does not reduce the weather rating. If you have multiple apertures our aluminium folding doors, windows, doors and roofs match in well with these sliding doors each with contemporary square profiles and when ordered at the same time we can help ensure uniformity for your project.

Key features

  • Officially tested and certified to ensure they keep out the wind and the rain.
  • One of the most weather tight multi track sliding systems available.
  • Weathering rating varies according to configuration of the system, but these doors are tested to achieve up to: Class 7A, 300Pa water tightness, Class 3, 600Pa air tightness wind Class AE, 2400Pa wind loads.
  • All panels sliding reduces the weather rating which is why we recommend having a fixed panel in your design enabling us to use our colour matched cover plates on the redundant bottom tracks for a neater weather tight detail.  
  • Centre pane of 1.2W/m2K = Overall U-Value of 1.8W/m2K.
  • Centre pane of 1.0W/m2K = Overall U-Value of 1.6W/m2K.
  • Centre pane of 0.8W/m2K = Overall U-Value of 1.5W/m2K.
  • Centre pane of 0.7W/m2K = Overall U-Value of 1.4W/m2K.
  • 28mm, 30mm, 36mm or 38mm glazing units accommodated. (36mm or 38mm only for the SVG30).
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