Why choose us?

We are a small independent

Many aluminium retailers are may be owned by parent companies or linked to one sole manufactures, some of whom are more interested in selling any products than the correct product for you. Our commitment is purely to the customer and their interests. The market and trends can change quickly, our independence gives us the flexibility to change with it. We have over 25 years of experience and have and will always hand select only the finest quality products so you don't have to. We have learned that it is evermore difficult to narrow down your preferred choice with so many manufacturers claiming their product to be the best - but here at Haus, we take the hassle out of it. 

See what products you are buying 

As a consumer, we feel the most important thing to do is see and feel the products you are looking to buy - common sense right?  With such an investment being made into your property, this is one of the crucial priorities you should have to ensure you are getting what you pay for.  We have designed our showroom with our clients needs in mind again showcasing our hand selected windows, doors, roofs and entrance doors so you can choose with confidence.  

Advice & Consulting

Our advice is free and impartial. The most important thing is that it is straight forward with absolute honesty. Whether you are looking for advice on initial designs, what products will suit you best and how to incorporate them into your home and how to choose products your home to maximise its potential.

Value for money

Not all aluminium retailers/ installers are the same. There is no standard costing for the bespoke products we offer and it can vary from company to company. Whilst costings can differ, so can the service and choosing the installation company purely by the cheapest cost will invariably be a false economy. Our commitment to ensuring we give our best price for the full service we offer remains our priority.

Installation is truly important

You can take the best product, manufactured to the highest standards, but fitted poorly it won't perform as it should. Unlike a lot of our competitors we do not use third party fitters; each of our installation engineers is employed directly by Haus and Bifolding doors and have extensive experience in fitting our entire product range. Each of our installers have been on full training for all products we offer and we our installation teams are Fensa approved.

Nobody else installs doors and windows for us.

As a company that has installed aluminium bi-folding and sliding doors for many years we have experienced almost everything there is to experience when it comes to fitting specialist glazing products and this knowledge, along with the support of our own dedicated in-house technical team, means our installers are a safe pair of hands for your project.

Our installers aren't just great at fitting our products; they are also trained on how to demonstrate the systems to customers. Knowing how to maintain and operate the doors properly is key to making sure they are kept in the best possible condition and work properly time after time, year after year.

After sales service

Our work does not finish once we have agreed a sale on your project.  We are dedicated to continue to work alongside you until the process is complete, liaising on your behalf between your builder, architect or project manager to guide the installation to a successful finish and will continue any after sales service that is required.


We understand how hard it is when you are working on your home improvements and knowing what is going on is crucial. Communication is the key to a successful relationship between us and our customers. Every email and every phone call is returned and every question is answered no matter how trivial, or how difficult.