Bi-folding door experts in Manchester

Creating a modern space for your home is all about finding the right components and aesthetics and bi-folding doors and sliding doors are ideal solutions. At Haus Glass, we’re specialists in aluminium bi-folding doors and provide our services to Manchester and the wider area.

Whether you need an installation project on a quick turnaround or need more information about how our products could work in your Manchester property, we’re happy to help.

What products do we provide?

  • Bi-folding doors: A leading bi-folding door installer in Manchester, our products are sturdy, elegant and long-lasting.
  • Sliding patio doors: Our aluminium sliding doors are light weight and easy to install.
  • Entrance doors: These low maintenance entrance doors can be cleaned easily and will stand the test of time.
  • Haus heritage doors: If you’re looking for a vintage door, our heritage selection is perfect for evoking a certain time period.

Choosing Haus Glass for sliding door installation in Manchester

  • Years of experience: As experts in aluminium bi-folding door installation, we’ve been providing our expertise in Manchester for years. We are in a strong position to provide guidance of best practices for a wide range of buildings.
  • Excellent customer service: No matter the type of Manchester building or project, we’ll be able to provide tailored customer service that’s suited to specific preferences. We’re here to understand what you need and carry it out to the letter.
  • Additional sale advice: Once an agreement is reached on how a project will look, we’ll continue to provide support across the entire lifecycle of the job. This includes acting as a liaison on your behalf and communicating with product managers and architects in the Manchester area.
  • Exceptional value: We’ll make sure you get the best possible price on your aluminium sliding door project and that it’s a cost-effective and practical job from start to finish.

Complete your ideal Manchester home with Haus Glass

If you’re asking yourself ‘where’s a door installer in Manchester near me?’ look no further. Get in touch today via the contact form for more information on our products.