Haus Infinium 35 Sliding Door combines incredibly slim intermediate frames of just 35mm with advanced engineering and smooth operation to create the perfect system for large glazed openings.

Whichever angle you view the doors from, the Haus Infinium 35 offers narrow sightlines making the system ideal for breaking down the boundaries between inside and out and flooding your home full of natural light, making it the perfect system for large glazed openings. Check out a project we worked on in Formby where sliding doors are really utilised to make a kitchen diner as light as possible, even on a grey day!


Haus Infinium 35 boasts low U values for double and triple glazed options, meaning that the glazing has a great resistance to heat flow and has great insulating properties. The overall double glazed option has a U-Value of 1.6 and the overall triple glazed option has a U-Value of 1.4.

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Key features

  • Ultra-slim frame of just 35mm with no requirements for external reinforcing profile, reducing the sightlines when viewed from an angle.
  • U-values as low as 1.6W/m2K double glazed with a centre pane of 1.0W/m2K.
  • Versatile panel widths from 800mm to 3 metres wide and up to 2.8m high depending on width.
  • Independently weather tested to severe weather rating – Class 7A (300Pa) water tightness, Class 3 (600Pa) air permeability, Wind class AE (2400Pa) wind loading.
  • Flush stacking allowing each panel to stack completely behind the next.
  • Excellent security with five-point mushroom headed cam bolts and claw lock.
  • Advanced engineering provides a stunning appearance and effortlessly smooth running.
  • A wide range of configuration options including moveable corner posts and extended tracks that mean the doors can be tailored to your exact requirements.
  • Available in more then 200 RAL colour and textured finishes ensuring the doors perfectly complement your home.
  • Choose from colour matched D handles, stainless steel feature handles or recessed handles.
  • Available in lift and slide option for the lead door.
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